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My name is Tina, and I am a Tooth Fairy. I love to collect teeth, and surprise little girls and boys by leaving them a shiny gold coin in place of their tooth. My favorite pet is my cat-a-pillar and I play with her every day.

Not so long ago I really wanted more than anything to be a Tooth Fairy, but because I am so teeny, everyone said that I was much too small to go out at night and collect teeth.

One day my sisters Annabelle and Rosebud needed my help and I finally got to fly through the night and collect my very first tooth. It was so much fun! You can read all about my adventure in a new story book "Teeny Tiny Tina the Teeny Tiny Tooth Fairy". I think you will really like it, so click on the Snail Mail Box called "Products" to order the book, and you can read all about me. You'll also be able to see my favorite pet.

I may be the tiniest Tooth Fairy around but I am looking forward to coming to your house the next time you lose a tooth.

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